Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Great Organic Deals

Ok, so I was thinking today how I have several friends who live around the US and eat whole organic foods or gluten free, etc. Why not share the deals we find? We currently live in Atlanta, but are visiting Rochester, NY for Christmas. Things are much different here, I am finding that not only am I needing to spend more on good organic foods, they are much harder to find. So let's share where we find the best deals on staple items! If you email me or comment, I'll add what you share to this post. Might as well share resources right?


Unrefined coconut oil at the Dekalb County Farmer's Market- $10.99/ 1/2 gallon
Grapeseed oil- Costco
Organic free range chicken drumsticks from Trader Joe's- $1.29 lb
Raw Milk from Carlton Farms- $7/gallon


Raw Milk- Steve Galens Homestead Acres $3/gallon- Galens@fltg.net
Organic Farm- Smoke Ridge Organics


  1. Did you find any deals at Lori's? I wish we had a trader joe's here...sigh

  2. I don't usually go to Lori's when I'm home cause it's a drive. I'm sure I will when we live here. I was hoping someone else from the area would post some good deals! Since I am looking for good deals in Rochester too since we're moving here in only 9 months! yay!