Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Last Week I Cleaned Out My Pantry...

Last week I cleaned out my pantry. I threw away 3 full grocery bags of junk. Jelly beans from Easter, pudding cups, Crisco, candy, packaged cookies, and so many other things I can't even remember. Why throw away perfectly good things (minus the stale jelly beans!)? Because there are way too many people in my life suffering from disease. I want to make a change. It breaks my heart to see so many people suffering or losing loved ones, and if I can be any example or can help an average person learn what it takes to live healthily, then the 'sacrifices' are not sacrifices at all. That is why I created this blog. Hopefully you can gain something from it, and also take the time to throw away the junk in your pantry. I'm tired of seeing people die from cancer. It's about time we make a change.


  1. So proud of you Dana! It's really exciting to see how far we've come together on this journey learning about what it means to be truly healthy... how important chiropractic is to keeping our bodies balanced and healthy and the role diet plays as well.

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  3. We are created by God to live long and healthy lives, and that is not very comforting to a lot of people who are experiencing sickness in their lives or the lives of those they love... so what is going wrong? There's really no generic answer but in general we have just continued to move further and further away from what is natural. According to consumer reports the average person is on multiple medications, each of which causes toxic side effects in our bodies (and never tested for interaction with each other). We do not eat well, do not move well (chiropractic), and do not think well (stress). I believe chiropractic above all else needs to be addressed first because through chiropractic the body is allowed to function properly (it's not about back and neck pain). Chiropractors hold the key to allowing our bodies to express the health God intended, but because of a lack of knowledge it is one of the best kept secrets to health!